Using phone, computer or tablet, you don't need to install the app. If using your smartphone to join the event,  before clicking to install the app, scroll down the screen to read more and find the link that allows you to access the conference room via your phone browser (Android is Chrome and iPhone is Safari).

“Cisco-WebEx" is intuitive and was in the market a long time before "Zoom". WebEx had time to get feedback from its users, to build its layers of security, and to improve its performance (with no server glitches). It is better prepared to accommodate zillions of users and over 40-million meetings per day.

You don't need to sign up for an account with "Cisco-WebEx" to join an MBB event.

From your browser, you need just to enter the ID of an MBB meeting, the email address you used for your RSVP, and the password of the meeting. Note that MBB requires registration prior to joining any event.

This link takes you to the virtual meeting room of MBB (without installing the WebEx app).
However, you will get a better user-experience (e.g. closed caption feature) if you install the "Cisco-WebEx" app on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and join in from the app.

Installing the app is quick; it is installed automatically if you agree with the installation; no need to provide your email address/name/phone for the installation.

This is the app for your desktop, laptop and it will autorun the .msi (Windows) or .dmg (Mac) installation file.

This is the app for your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

This is the app for your Android

This is the app for your Chromebook (other option)

You may want to learn more: This web page offers more details about ways of connecting to our MBB virtual events (desktop, smartphone, etc). If you cannot see the information you want, just keep scrolling down the page and tapping/clicking on the links, tabs,  etc.



Maui Business Brainstormers (MBB)

A voluntary based and sponsorship based B2B group offering value & integrity via edcational events for Maui's individual, micro and small businesses, and those who want to make a start.

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  • Business in the Think Tank (BiTT) | monthly
  • Masters of Retail Success in Maui | yearly since 2013
  • Mind this Hammer / re-Start Smart-er
  • National Small Business Week (2014, 2015, 2016 Maui County's event)
  • National Entrepreneurship Week | 2017, yearly
  • Selling Spree Summit
  • American Business Women's Day | yearly
  • National Business Women's Week | 2018, yearly
  • National Entrepreneurs' Day | yearly
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week | yearly
  • Worldwide "Women's Entrepreneurship Day" | yearly
  • National Veterans Small Business Week | yearly since 2016
  • The HUB's Talents
  • National Entrepreneurship Week | yearly since 2016
  • National Consumer Protection Week | yearly
  • T.V. MBB